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The Internet of Private Data Accounts

Fully owned, fully shareable

The Hub of All Things (HAT) is a technology designed to help the Internet exchange and trade personal data. HATs are ‘private data accounts’ that let anyone store their personal data for themselves, so that we don’t have to rely on governments or corporations to store it for us.

Private data accounts (PDAs)

HATs (and other PDAs) are secure databases that can store one person’s private information. They can be cloud-based or stored locally, and they’re own-able by the individual, so the information inside them is the property of that person. PDAs make it possible for an individual to store and use their information for themselves, and for app developers or companies to build privacy-preserving apps and websites.


HATs are an advanced version of these PDAs, called a Private Microservices Data Account or PMDA. These are accessible only via secure APIs, and they have microservices built into them which allow the information inside to be categorised and transacted - with each other or with websites and apps that need to access them.

What that means

Essentially, HATs are a private place where you can store information about yourself - like a bank vault or a house for your personal data, but online. Once you have one, you can use the information you store inside it to prove who you are, log in to stuff, or build cool technologies. HATs can be stored anywhere (normally on the cloud), and you’re the only one who can access what’s inside them.

Why get a HAT?

Personal data is one of the most valuable things on the Internet (and in the world). As long as it’s being held by other people, and not by us, the value that we get out of it will be controlled by those people. If we hold onto it ourselves, we can get whatever value out of it we choose.

The HAT ecosystem

Empowered by the HAT private data account is an entire ecosystem of technology, populated by startups who are building apps on the HAT, large organisations using HAT technology to satisfy the requirements of GDPR, and individual people who want to control more of their own personal data.

The changing digital economy

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