The Hub of All Things (HAT) microserver, built by HATDeX, is a way to own your own data. With 1150 HATs created, over a dozen partners, & £3.2m worth of RCUK funding behind it, this innovation is on its way to changing the Internet, fixing the dominant issues with the digital economy for both businesses and consumers.

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Welcome to the Hub of All Things

The Internet of Personal data "micro-servers"

Fully owned, fully shareable, Augmented Intelligence

The HAT (Hub-of-All-Things) is a 'personal data micro-server' - essentially a cloud-based evolution of the smartphone, the laptop before it, and the desktop PC before that. With one, a person can legally own the rights to their personal data, and benefit from all the many apps and personal AI tools that draws from all of their personal information, no matter where they are created.

Decentralised private "micro-server" data accounts

As the Internet has become more ubiquitous in our everyday lives, the centralised control of its most valuable assets (like data, privacy, and authority) has become very restricting. We've built the HAT to give individual consumers a technology that they can personally, privately own, decentralising personal data storage, exchange and AI so that data and insights generated can be better used by individuals, industry and governments.

Why is the HAT important

Despite all the regulation and constraints imposed on the use of personal data, the value of personal data will not go away. Organisations and governments need a better technological, legal and economic model for the usage and combinations of personal data and data signals, especially for its usage in AI, health and well being. Data has to move to create value. Freeing up data from apps and organisations so that it can move faster, re-bundled, re-combined, re-used and shared in real time, whether for a short 5 minutes API access or a rolling monthly data debit is the key to digital economy value generation with data.

What that means

Essentially, HAT is an advanced micro-server technology where individuals can store information about themselves - like a bank vault or a house for your personal data, but online, and accessible in real-time and on-demand. Once you have one, you can use the information you store inside it to log in to apps, or subscribe to cool technologies that transform your data into insights for yourself, or to give data signals to organisations you like so they can recommend goods and services. HATs can be stored anywhere (normally on the cloud), and you’re the only one who can access what’s inside them.

Why get a HAT?

Personal data is one of the most valuable things on the Internet (and in the world). As long as it’s being held by other people, and not by us, the value that we get out of it will be limited. If we hold onto it ourselves, we can get whatever value out of it we choose, including having "augmented inteligence" - combining our personal data with AI for better decisions and actions.

The HAT ecosystem

Empowered by the HAT personal micro-server is an entire ecosystem of academics, researchers and startups who are building apps on the HAT, and using HAT technology to offer more personalised and engaged services that preserves your privacy.

The changing digital economy

The role of our online personal data changes quickly. Learn more about how businesses and governments are using it every week with the MadHATTERs newsletter.