MADHATTERs – Issue 2: 22 Nov 2016


MADHATTERs – the weekly magazine on tech news but with a HAT perspective

We’re totally biased – towards personal data/digital empowerment, greater control, privacy, security, confidentiality and freedom.

But we are pro-innovation, pro-economy; yes, some problems are complex, loads of tensions and we need innovation!

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This week on the HAT

Game on HATTERs. Let’s have some fun with data offers. We’re asking you to share one location data point with us. No need for anything that identifies you – just a location data point so that everyone is anonymous and we can have some “where in the world are hatters” fun (use this link if you’ve brought your iOS phone location data into your HAT, and this link if not). We will then plot this on a MADHatters map, so we can all see where in the world we all are – anonymously of course!

First look: HATDeX has given us a video preview of the Rumpel Lite with Notables app – it’s pretty cool, we think. So you can create your notes privately, or post them online on the different social media sites. What’s cute is that you can have them removed from the Internet after 1, 7, or 30 days. Or keep them there forever. And the best part: your words (which is your data too, really) are kept by you and not by all these sites.

But what gets us all excited here at MADHATTERS is LOCATION NUDGES!!!!!! Finally, we can make our shopping lists and create a location nudge so that the phone (or watch!) tells us when we’re near a supermarket – so that I won’t forget to buy that shampoo again! Or when I’m near the post office – to post that package! See what it looks like here.

Noteworthy Notables

Our Editor, Leila seems to be hatching an Easter plot with the latest preview of Notables.

What’s the HAT community saying on Notables? See Notables chatter.

Quick Take on Tech News

Surveillance law was passed last week. See here:

Don’t panic. No one’s coming with spy gear to break into your HAT and grab that photo of your naked belly. Well, not without a warrant, anyway. We think they could get a bulk warrant to ask your HAT service provider to reveal all, but that’s extremely unlikely unless we all turn out to be some cell group plotting something. Wait… err…

The real impact is on the government being able to deal with firms giving customers their keys to their own data, with the firms themselves having no access to it and the data having some anti-interference protection (code for: if you try to break the lock, everything self-destroys). Government is saying: we need to have the right to bypass your clever stuff if we have evidence that this is a bad guy. Fair enough. What’s not so clear are the checks and balances…

Long and short of it? We don’t think HATs are affected much by this. But there’s a really interesting and possible twist for HATs. Read HATDeX CTO’s thoughts on the HAT and the GDPR’s “right of data portability.”

Be Cautious About…

Click bait and Facebook ‘personality quizzes’. They sell off your data. Here’s the confession of one click baiter.

The Internet. “I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about my privacy?” This is why. Or as Leila says, ‘I have nothing to hide when I go to the toilet; that doesn’t mean I want the government watching.’ So you think you should start becoming cautious about your data online and want to start using TOR? Well, here’s what you need to know.

Impress Your Friends With…

A Roomba in your garden.  End those weeding woes. Let the Tertill robot keep your garden clear of weeds.

Geek out on…

The Story of Life. All of Sir David Attenborough’s work, in one app. So you can make your own nature documentaries.

Live a day in the life of…

A Virtual Reality Editor. The Guardian’s VR team goes into London’s Victorian sewers so you don’t have to. Literally. From a different perspective.

And finally…

Lift your week with this story: First home brain implant lets ‘locked-in’ woman communicate.

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