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Tech News This Week 

Did UK voters personal data get harvested illegally?…UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is checking whether voters’ personal data was exploited during last year’s Brexit campaigning. Remember that piece about psychometric profiling and voter data modeling we featured in Issue 11? Being ‘profiled’ isn’t strong enough a word…

Wearables are coming to your job…more companies are giving employees wearable tech and using sensors to track their work activities… so, analysing how much water the sales team drinks to keep healthy…okay. Firing Bob coz his computer sensor captures him nodding off at work without him knowing…hmm, not so okay.

Going, going, gone viral…So how do you decide whether or not to share that latest health news story on social media? Apparently it all comes down to how our brain processes the article’s value to ourselves as well as to our social standing, neuroscientists have discovered. So THAT’s why we share cat videos?

Our American friends…should be concerned that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is delaying its consumer privacy and security rules. Which could mean that internet service providers in the US are not legally obliged to protect their users from hackers. And they don’t have to ask their consent to to sell their personal data either.

Meanwhile, back in Europe…consent is the name of the game, as the UK’s ICO consults the public on its draft guidance on the EU’s upcoming GDPR. Consultation ends March 31, so go and have your say…

Be Cautious About…

Public charging ports…which could be used by hackers to steal your personal data. Always check the ports’ security before plugging in your dying device. Or BYO portable battery pack…

Throwing away that boarding pass…coz someone could use it to find out more about you or mess with your flight reservations. Same goes with sharing your boarding pass on social media

Impress Your Friends…

With a new house in 24 hours. Now made possible with 3-D printing, which built a 400 sq ft house in Russia within a day.

Geek Out On…

Trainspotting. The next time your train’s delayed, don’t just fume. Use this nifty junction map to see exactly where your train is and when it starts moving again…

And Finally…

Don’t Panic! Sci-fi classic Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has inspired many real-life tech innovations. Including the “the knife that toasts”. Here’s a wish list of other Douglas Adams inventions that should be brought to life


Leila Trilby, Editor-in-Chief 




HAT News

Featured story: Who ARE you?

Are you your experiences and situations? The information that’s being provided to you by your life experiences are being recorded, more and more, as sensor and interaction data. What kind of an impact does that shift have on personal identity? We struggle today to manage, curate and keep track of our digital possessions – especially as they spread out across different apps, website, services and channels. Are we the files that store our identity at each of those services? Even partially?

A fascinating conversation on the very nature of Digital Personhood begins next Wednesday, 15 March, between  Irene Ng, Wendy Moncur, and Sian Lindley at Wolfson College Cambridge. Starting at 5:30pm, this will be an intimate conversation on the very nature of our digital identity, and its future.  Tickets are free; get yours now.

Pioneering new markets. Two HAT researchers will be conducting a  survey that covers how the HAT is creating brand new markets. They’ll be looking for 3x developers, 3x business owners, and 3x general HAT users from our community. More on that to come.

The HAT is building out its community to better serve the developers, researchers, businesses, and individuals who use the HAT. You can always connect with me by email, or tweet at me on Twitter, and we’re gathering user feedback from people like you every week.

Thanks for your support.

Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager



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