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Tech News This Week 

Singapore’s keen to go fully digital. Really, really keen, you can tell from PM Lee Hsien Loong’s recent speech. It wants to wire up the whole island, introduce a comprehensive national identity system and go cashless. But even the PM’s saying that the nation’s current solution (Singpass) doesn’t go far enough. Anyone wants to tell them about our newest White Paper on Digital Dependency?

…..Though Singapore may want to learn from India, whose plans to go cashless has built a huge digital database that it now wants to link to the state. But this is bringing up all sorts of concerns about security and privacy, identity theft and data leaks.

Wait, wasn’t Wikipedia the original fake news? Well, seems they are now having the last laugh… as its public credibility is rising in today’s era of ‘alternative facts’. Through its Wiki Edu programme, it’s actually trying to improve digital media literacy by teaching grad students rigorous research and fact-checking skills. “Wikipedia said it so it must be true…”

Your words are not better than my words…bots working on improving Wikipedia’s entries are not getting along. Big time. Scientists are warning that these ‘digital minions’ may behave unpredictably outside the lab. Think we’ll be caught in the crossfire when all hell breaks loose between machines?

Remember when you couldn’t get onto your Twitter and Netflix accounts? When half the Internet crashed last October, botnets were blamed. Alas, botnets are here to stay and will grow more powerful with the rise of vulnerable IoT devices. So says MIT Technology Review, which has listed them as one of 2017’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies. It’s Break. Through. Get it?

Be Cautious…

And leave home without it…your mobile phone and laptops, that is, if you don’t want to compromise your personal data while travelling in this era of mass surveillance.

Of that Like button…which Facebook can apparently use to experiment on you. And also collect your data to sell on to to third parties. Here’s a browser extension that prompts you to think twice before clicking on that reaction button…

Impress Your Friends…

Discover the next exoplanet…and having fun while doing it, on EVE Online’s Project Discovery. Going boldly where no gamer has gone before…

Geek Out On…

The new Nokia. Or shall we say the retro Nokia 3310, a ‘digital detox’ phone returning with an unbeatable one-month battery life, 22 hours talk time, and Snake. What’s not to like?

And Finally…

Chatting with Shakespeare…will soon be possible, thanks to ‘augmented eternity’ technology that will preserve knowledge and make learning more interesting. Can’t say dead men don’t talk…


Leila Trilby, Editor-in-Chief 




HAT News

To share with the world. HATDeX (the business that operates the HAT) has published its insights into personal data fragmentation and consolidation in a new White Paper: Digital Dependency – the Need for a Personal Data Exchange Infrastructure. It has the full case for our tech, inside and out.

Build with us. Hundreds of HAT users live in our ecosystem, storing 7 types of data: Twitter, Facebook, Photo, Location, Calendar, Text, and Photos. If you have an app idea that you’d like to put together for them, we have resources and code to help. And you can email me for an intro to our community Slack.

Founders. If you’re building a company or an application that touches personal data, we want to help. Let me know what you’re building and we’ll see how our network, mentors, and resources can support you.


Jonathan Holtby, HAT Community Manager



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