MADHATTERs Bumper Issue – Issue 6: 20 Dec 2016


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This week on the HAT

THIS IS A REBEL COMMUNICATION. MILLIONS ARE GATHERING. THE CALL SIGN IS ROGUE. ROGUE ONE. You would’ve received this the text message if you book with Vue cinemas to watch the new Star Wars film. Maybe we should adapt it for the HAT revolution. Got your attention didn’t it?!

Party time! Some photos from the recent HATSTERs Christmas party in London on Dec 17 – we work hard, and party hard too!

Update your Rumpel Lite iOS app.Out on iOS App Store this week. Notables will make its first appearance, so have fun posting on MarketSquare and Facebook while on the go. Twitter, LinkedIn will follow in January. Keep your words on your HAT!

Time to break that piggy bank… We’ve got the following message from the HATDeX team:

“HATDeX will be moving into its Angel round, opening up for investments of £50k and above from January 2017, to raise £500k. We are specifically looking for investors who can also be strategically helpful to the cause. Although early indications are that we will be fully subscribed, we’ve always promised our community that we will share any investment opportunity with them, so we are now letting you know early. If you wish to know more, please email”

Noteworthy Notables

Lots of fun, festive quotes on Notables, as more vie to become our favourite quotable quote and grab that £5 Amazon voucher. Come by to have a look, and add your own quote in a notable. Remember, it ain’t over till it’s over…

Quick Take on Tech News

All eggs in one basket. Last week’s news about the hack of Yahoo’s 1 billion accounts jolted even your most tech-ignorant cousin to change his online passwords. Well, when you put all your eggs – sorry, customers personal data – into one basket, this is set to happen. One billion accounts in one database? Tsk… That’s why the HAT gives each one of us an individually-encapsulated container for personal data, so even if such hacks ever happen – only one egg will drop instead of the whole basket. And besides, if you’re going to hack for one egg, why bother? We really think the HAT might destroy the black market for personal data (and we know it exists…)

Don’t just disrupt, innovate! Here’s a great WIRED article on not just disrupting, but innovating, and how “lasting, meaningful and equitable innovation happens only when stakeholders pay careful attention to all aspects of a problem”. Which is why the HAT is designed not as a tech, or even a business, but as an ecosystem with regulation, governance and incentivising good behaviour with economic gains.

Old habits die hard. Counting Pokémon-hunting as your daily bit of exercise? According to this TechCrunch article, the fitness benefits of playing Pokémon Go were short-lived. So we’re back to our thumb-twiddling-on-phone-at-the-sofa habits. Game company Niantic initially created a stir when it asked for all your Google data to play it (yes, ALL of it! See original article here). Then it backtracked and limited its request to just email and public data. Goes to show we must always be vigilant about these things…

Proactive policing. This week, Facebook announced new tools for fake news. Some of you hoax-busters who’ve been outing Auntie Sally’s posts with Snopes links may say ‘Finally!’  But how did we get to a world where policing is now the job of an Internet company? Where’s the government in all this? Well, German authorities now are trying to be more proactive. This week they said they will penalise Internet companies if they fail to take down hate speech. They’ve not got to fake news yet, but we can hope…

Be Cautious About…

Peeping Toms. Last week, it was reported that Evernote was behaving badly. Its employees could read your notes, sparking concerns. The company said it’s an ‘oversight’ of its machine learning algorithms. Anyway, Evernote has now backed down on that policyInternet activism works HATTERs, so keep telling us if you hear of anything worrying and we’ll continue to report bad behaviour!

Android downloads. Never, ever download your Android app outside of Google Play! Seriously, don’t – it’s a malware called Gooligan!

Hack alerts. Think you might have been hacked? LeakedSource will tell you if your hunch is right.

Impress Your Friends With…

Your face palm emoji. Choose from this host of new and redesigned emojis just released in Apple’s latest iOS update. Makes our lives a little bit more complete now.

Geek Out on…

Shoddy architectureof the Death Star. Warning: link contains spoilers!

Drone delivery.  Amazon’s drones successfully delivered their first package in Cambridge recently. Here at HAT central (based in Cambridge), we’re excited about receiving our next Amazon delivery on Prime Air!

Don’t Try This at Home…

How to rack up 2m views. Fake news of a different kind with this stowaway video.

Ditch Those Anti-ageing Creams…

All this talk about aging this weekGoogle wants to slow it down, but a research group might have already found the way. This looks big, people…

And Finally…

This is our last issue for 2017. We’ll be back on January 3 with a brand new issue and loads of plans for the new year. Meanwhile, knowing that you might miss us and might want more to read over the holidays, here’s the transcript for a conversation with aliens Just to, you know, get a feel of how it would be like when they finally make contact with us. (And please think of us kindly when you say…what the **** did I just read???)


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy Happy New Year, HATTERs!




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