MADHATTERs – Issue 5: 13 Dec 2016


MADHATTERs – the weekly magazine on tech news with a HAT perspective

We’re totally biased – towards personal data/digital empowerment, greater control, privacy, security, confidentiality and freedom.

But we are pro-innovation, pro-economy; yes, some problems are complex, loads of tensions and we need innovation!

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This week on the HAT

Being MAD Hatters. 2016 has been quite a year of upsets. For tech and personal data particularly, people have gotten angry over many things. Where do we start? Snoopers Charter, fake news, dodgy algorithms, echo chambers in social media; the list goes on.  if you’ve got something to rant about, we’re asking you to be a MAD Hatter. Shout it out in a Tweet or Facebook post (remember to ping us at @hubofallthings). Or if you’re not on FB or Twitter – post a notable and we’ll pick it up!

HAT in the news! We’ve been featured in this piece on data needing to get more personal.

Rumple Lite. A little bird from HATDeX also told us that Notables on Rumpel Lite (iOS) will be live on an update coming up next week.

Noteworthy Notables

The community chatter on Notables is picking up! Drop in and see what people are saying, and add a notable of your own. Remember, we still haven’t yet picked out our favourite quotable quote on Notables. £5 Amazon voucher up for grabs!

A big shout-out to HATTER Robin for his notable capturing his thoughts on the issue about fake news and search results that we highlighted last week.

Quick Take on Tech News

The customer is the product. So says this College Humor video reminding us how there’s no such thing as a free lunch with Internet services. Monetising our personal data is a lucrative business for Internet platforms; last year, Facebook derived an average revenue of US$12 per user which tells us a little bit of what our personal data is worth today. And this is without connected cars, connected homes, connected……. got your HAT on yet?

How to collect data…and not alienate your customers. This TechCrunch piece has some very important product design rules for data collection. The key words: data minimisation. Particularly pertinent in the face of growing regulation over how firms should handle consumers’ personal data. We can’t agree more with contributor Nathan Kinch’s call for firms to give back data to their rightful owners, and empower customersthrough a multi-way data exchange that creates shared value. It’s what we’ve been saying all along about what we’re trying to do with the HAT.

Be Cautious About…

Voice Assistants. They’re great for getting things done, but they’re always listening in and recording your requests. And what happens to the data that’s recorded? Here’s a guide on how to handle voice data collection by Alexa and Google Home.

Holiday Phishing. Amazon has just issued warnings about false text messages and scam e-mails that could potentially steal customers’ sensitive information. So be vigilant during this busy holiday shopping season.

Impress Your Friends With…

Your AI Vocab. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest tech right now, with terms like ‘machine learning’ and ‘neural networks’ popping up in conversations. But what do they actually mean? Get up to speed with this decoder.

Geek Out on…

Mario on Call. Hybrid game console Nintendo Switch will be launched next March. Watch late night chat show host Jimmy Fallon geek out over it.

But is it Vegan?

Meat Creation. Memphis Meats takes grow-your-own to new levels by making meat in a petri dish. Meatballs today, turkey tomorrow. This is what the future could taste like.

And Finally…

Laughing to Infinity and Beyond. Always wanted to go to space? Your laughter may get there first. Submit your expressions of merriment to the #Laugh project for a chance to send it out to the beyond.


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