HAT Ecosystem

The HAT Ecosystem

HAT technology has a network of apps, services, and websites around it, and it is run by two support organisations: The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) and the HAT Data Exchange (HATDeX).


The HAT Community Foundation is the non-profit regulator of the HAT Ecosystem. Its membership works to grow and coordinate the organisations building on the Hub of All Things technology. Join today at www.hatcommunity.org

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The HAT Data Exchange Ltd. is the tech company that built and maintains the Hub of All Things technology and that runs the for-profit data exchange. It is the creator of the HAT Technology Suite, and is based in London and Cambridge. Visit them at www.hatdex.org

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HAT Research

HAT technology was created under £3.7m worth of EPSRC research at six of the best UK universities, and today hundreds of researchers around the world leverage HAT technology to conduct groundbreaking research. Learn more about their work at hatresearch.org

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HAT Innovation: The Personal Data Economy Accelerator

An accelerator, organised by the HAT Community Foundation, exists to help early stage technology startups make the most out of the coming personal data economy. Pre-seed tech startups are invited to apply at innovation.hubofallthings.com

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The HAT has created a web resource for developers looking to build on our open source libraries and leverage our documentation. See what you can build for yourself at developers.hubofallthings.com

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