HALL Research Methodology


Research Methodology

The research methodology for the HAT Living Labs (HALL) Project  includes a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools from computer science, behavioural economics, psychology and business.

The rationale behind HALL principles is to support the involvement of real users in real‐life environments, where these users, together with researchers, developers, and companies work together in the development of new solutions, products, services and business models.

By using the business and innovation Living Lab principles, HALL will conceptualise integrated solutions in socio‐technical terms, where these solutions are regarded not only as a stand‐alone piece of technology, but also as something that is incorporated with economic, organisational and social elements, and related logics

HALL will support the innovation process for all involved stakeholders, especially end‐users, and aims to do that in real‐life settings with the potential users and their needs as a driving force for innovation. HALL will sit as a sandbox within the HAT live ecosystem in collaboration with the Digital Catapult.

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