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Rich, linked data sets are driving a wave of new applications. What are you building? If it leverages sensitive or private personal data, you should build it on the HAT.

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What is the HAT

HATs are data containers that can store personal information 'client-side' - that is, with the consumer as the sole legal owner. They preserve the privacy of Internet users, and give them a way to store and use their personal information for themselves, in their control.

HATs for Startups

Startups that are built on the HAT can use our privacy-preserving infrastructure to empower their customers to capture and store their own information, lending or giving it to the startup in return for the services they receive. HAT applications have the capabiltiy to access rich contextual data, and have the trading platform capability to create a multi-sided market between HAT users and corporations for personalised offerings.

Other perks

Essentially, HAT technology operates as a free 'backend-as-a-service' for MVPs and prototypes. It offers developers a user authentication and management tool that manifests in simple APIs, so as soon as you've built the frontend of the service you want to provide, you're ready to go. HAT Innovation also offers funding, mentorship, and business and technical advice from world-leading innovators.

HAT Innovation

The HAT offers funding, mentorship, and technical advice to a network of innovative, data-empowered startups through HAT Innovation - a program dedicated to championing early stage technologies and sound user management strategies. If you are building a next-generation technology product and want to talk about joining the HAT, visit us online at

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