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HAT Launch Party: Keynote Presentation

Today we begin the campaign to raise of £10-15m to fund the next generation of apps on the Internet, built on the HAT as the user account. It’s the starting gun on the 18 May for May ’18 which is when the EU’s GDPR compliance regulation will unleash the world’s most valuable resource – personal data.

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Digital Dependency: The need for a personal data exchange infrastructure

The HAT Whitepaper. A case in the full for the HAT and the role it plays solving fundamental issues in the digital economy.

Download the HAT Whitepaper.

Academic Research and Publications

Numerous academic and impact papers have been published by and about the Hub of All Things and its research teams, with citations including the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, the Second Service Science Forum in Venice, and the IEEE International Smart Cities Conference in London.

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Briefing Papers: Under the bonnet (Volume 1)

How we rolled out HATs, and how organisations can offer HATs to their customers, published May 2016.


Briefing Papers: Under the bonnet (Volume 2)

The security of HATs. Explaining the multiple layers of protection that guard the personal data stored in the HAT, whether at rest, in transit or in use.