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The digital economy is changing. Your customers' data, and their trust, is becoming more and more valuable every day.

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Information without context is meaningless

The rise of big data has created a great wealth of information, but with very little insight. That's because vertical information has limited value without the linkages, the context, that surrounds it. If we were to store personal information on the consumer side, instead of the organisational side, businesses could access a far richer data set and champion their customers' rights all at the same time.

The rotten digital economy

Every year, consumer confidence in Internet services falls, while corporate data ownership rises. Every newsworthy security breach erodes the faith that customers have in the businesses they use online. This misalignment between the data businesses need to survive, and the data consumers are comfortable offering them, will eventually cause a breakdown in the Internet economy.

Become a trusted partner to your customers

Businesses building on the HAT infrastructure can broker trust for their customers, by hosting secure, encrypted data devices that protect them, while injecting transparency into the exchange of personal data with or without identifiers. If information is the currency of the coming generation of businesses, then HATs are the bank vaults of the future.

How does it work?

Businesses can partner with the HAT to provision their own, branded private data 'microserver' accounts, powered by the HAT, for their customers, or they can build HAT-enabled applications on top of a simple, secure API.

New regulation

Supercharging these changes to the digital economy are new European and international regulations that will compel Internet businesses to radically change how they treat their customers' data. Coming into effect in 2018, these new laws will govern how online and offline businesses across the EU treat their customers and employees. Is your business ready?

Contact the experts at HATDeX to explore how the changes you need to make for GDPR can empower and improve your business, and how you can gain access to new customer data while championing your customers' rights at the same time.

HATDeX: trusted personal data exchange technology

Personal data is a valuable commodity that must be exchanged between individuals and businesses with trust and transparency.

HATDeX is the technology partner for the provisioning of HAT private data 'microserver' accounts (HAT PDMA) and the facilitation of on-demand, realtime personal data and content exchanges (DEX) on the HAT Platform. They are the technology partner for secure data exchange and provisioning between businesses and their customers that is fully GDPR-compliant.

Learn more about how you can benefit from privacy preservation and personal data opportunities in your customer relationships by visiting HATDeX online.

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