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Back Issue: Google is tracking you offline...

30 May 2017: Who stole the cookie? Leading news publishers are asking European authorities to re-look at changes to online privacy laws on ‘cookietracking’. Plans for a single consent to cookies will affect their digital businesses and give tech giants even more control on ad and personal data, the publishers say.

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Back Issue: Your tweets are being tracked!

23 May 2017: There’s a new Act in town…the Browser Act, that is. The proposed bill will require US telcos and Internet companies to get users’ okay before sharing their personal info, like web browsing and app usage history. Err… sounds very much like the FCC’s original privacy rules, repealed by Congress recently. Not quite. The Browser Act’s data-sharing rules apply to both ISPs and web companies, while the FFC’s was for ISPs only…Is everyone a bit tired of all this? We need a new world order where we're not taking scraps of privacy from the Internet.

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Back Issue: Has the NHS lost your data?

16 May 2017: Your money or your data… It’s enough to make you erm…WannaCry. The fallout from last Friday’s ransomware attacks continues. Microsoft has called for urgent collective action, slamming governments for stockpiling vulnerabilities. It also equated the attack to having missiles stolen. Meanwhile, here are some tips on how to avoid ransomware. We get told about virus attacks constantly and forget that our hospital systems are the same as us...

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Back Issue: Facebook targets your feels

9 May 2017: Data’s the new oil. We’ve been saying this all along, here at the HAT. And now The Economist has said the same thing. Still, the world of private data accounts hasn't started scaling yet. Any guesses for what might be the 'killer app'?

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