HAT Launch Party

The HAT Launch Party, 18 May 2017

Laying out the roadmap for a new digital economy

The magic of the Internet is us. Zuckerberg showed us, when he made us the product at Facebook, and Netflix showed us, when they used the data about what films people liked to create video more valuable than what Hollywood had been creating on their own for years. The Hub of All Things is a technology asking us, "What is the world that we could construct, knowing all of this?" "Where could the value in that world flow?" If the world's most valuable resource today is data, and it is being created at a pace unrivaled by any commodity in any economy of any time, then its creation is the genesis of an entire new economy. On 18 May 2017 Prof. Irene Ng, and today's leaders of the innovation economy compelled their audience to embrace the future of personal data.


HAT Launch Party, 18 May 2017 Prof. Irene Ng, Director at Warwick University and Creator of the HAT Prof. Jon Crowcroft, Marconi Professor for Computer Science at Cambridge University Innovation industry executives from across the economy

The HAT Foundation Group

*A members-led, multidisciplinary advocacy group

The HAT Foundation group is being brought together to create a multidisciplinary force for good. There is immense potential in the personal data economy, but it will only be unlocked if we can invoke great technological change.

The kinds of partners that will lead this economy exist in the public, private, and third sectors. They are the Universities, Government Departments, Innovation Economy Leadership, Startups, and Enterprise that lead our digital markets today.

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Quotes and resources from the event

‘Personal data is a commodity because there is a market for it - it is valuable because of the assymetry of its availability.’

*Prof. Irene Ng, Creator of the HAT

‘Of the three human identities that can exist, which include both the spiritual identity and the individual identity, the one that has the greatest capacity by far has only existed in this most recent sliver of the history of mankind - the digital identity’

Jeremy Wilson, Vice Chairman, Barclays Corporate Banking

‘We need a competitive advantage - a structural edge in our new market. For our company, that is the HAT’

Francesco Bellanca, Founder and CEO, Feral Horses

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