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Release: B.heard champions personal data as new HAT provider

24 Jan 2017: In an MOU signed today, The HAT Foundation is pleased to announce that B.heard, the consumer champion platform that collects and actions public opinion, will become the latest organisation to start using HATs to give its customers transparency over the information that companies have on them, as a new HAT Service Provider.

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Blog: Verifiable parental consent for children’s data

5 Apr 2017: It is easy to assume that every circumstance in which an online application can obtain consent surrounding personal data, the data subject can provide it. Rarely do we discuss those who can’t.

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Blog: Different from the cloud world that we know

3 Apr 2017: Jon Crowcroft shares thoughts on the last of the symposium lectures on the future of the digital person and the Internet. The Wolfson-HAT Symposium on the Digital Person closes at 4:30pm, Wednesday 5 April, at the Chancellor’s Center, Wolfson College, Cambridge.

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Blog: Enthralled and appalled by the power of data

27 Mar 2017: Roger Taylor shares his thoughts on how there can be no privacy without transparency in advance of the 3rd lecture in the Wolfson-HAT Symposium on the Digital Person. 5:30pm, Wednesday 29 March, at the Chancellor’s Center, Wolfson College, Cambridge.

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Blog: The personal data black market, the death of the digital economy, and GDPR

21 Mar 2017: Prof. Irene Ng and digital and innovation specialists Will Kemble-Clarkson and Graham Hill share their thoughts in advance of the Symposium on the Digital Person’s second lecture: Personal data, Industry and Markets.

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Blog: In sync? Online and offline personhood at times of change

13 Mar 2017: In a post-digital area, where digital technology is ever-present but mundane, online and offline aspects of people’s lives and identities are becoming intertwined. So says Dr. Wendy Moncur, the Interdisciplinary Chair in Digital Living at the University of Dundee. Dr. Moncur is helping to lead a discussion at the Wolfson-HAT Annual Symposium on the Digital Person that explores, in part, some of what happens to this identity at times of change in our lives.

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Whitepaper: Digital Dependency - the Need for a Personal Data Exchange Infrastructure

28 Feb 2017: We live in an increasingly digitally connected society, with digital dependency in daily life only set to rise. Yet, where connectivity brings convenience it also brings challenges – especially in the area of personal data. Every user signing on to new every Internet service creates a unique user account every time, surrendering some form of their personal data in the process. As a result, a few hundred equivalent accounts are created by each of us in our lifetimes, often to then just become out of date or inaccessible. Read the case in full for the Hub of All Things at the HATDeX website.

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Blog: The PDS Economy

8 Feb 2017: Big ideas can be tough. Over the last couple of years, we've been obsessed with one in particular: that the individual should lay claim to the information they create and use on the Internet. Personal data stores, or PDSs, are individual containerised data storage units that trap and store consumer information so that it can be used (and traded) by the individual in return for valued online services. We've been talking about this technology for a long time – we were founded around a desire to claim our own data, control our own data, exchange our own data, and monetise our own data.

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Blog: Blinding our Governments to race

2 Feb 2017: On Friday, new US president Donald Trump signed an executive order that racially profiled at least 90,000 people from seven Muslim-majority countries, affecting each for at least 90 days. The resulting chaos and confusion at airports across the country featured officials, seemingly confused about who was or wasn’t allowed to enter the US, putting everything down to the passport. If you came from the targeted countries you could get in with a green card, but with a work visa you could not.

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