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Rich data sets are driving a wave of cool new consumer applications. Build valuable Internet services in a way that preserve your users' privacy.

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What is the HAT

The HAT is a privacy-preserving framework for transacting personal data between Internet apps and services and their users or customers. Applications that are built on the HAT store their users' personal data in containerised databases that are owned and controlled by the users themselves. HAT-enabled applications then access that data through 'data debits' that give them access in return for the services they provide.

Rich, horizontal data

In effect, the HAT gives developers a way to gain all of the benefits of having a rich, personal data set about their users without having to actually own, protect, or store any of that data themselves.

The HAT is ideal for advanced consumer applications that thrive on prediction, and personalised services. It can help developers gain much deeper customer understanding, whilst at the same time vastly reducing their cyber security risk and development overhead, while ensuring that they only ask for data relevant to the service provided

Build what cannot be built

Ultimately, the promise of the HAT is that you can start to build the impossible. The HAT can generate valuable contextualised mixed data sets, owned and controlled by the user, that have previously only been partially available to corporations. Now they can be a part of your team's applications as well.

How does it work?

HAT users (your application's customers) can store any personal information they choose inside their HATs. Purpose-built 'Data Plugs' fish that personal information from the APIs of various goods and services, like social media websites, hardware sensors and IoT devices, depositing it directly into the user's HAT.

When your users register to use your service, instead of asking them to register for a new user account, you ask them to sign on with a HAT, or register for one. You can call your user accounts, powered by the HAT, whatever you want (e.g. BSafe, Pods)).

Finally, you set up a user agreement with your customer that allows you access to the information that's important to you in return for the services you provide them with. Your users gain the transparency and control that comes with having a personal, private repository for this highly personal information, and contracts that outline how it is being used, while you gain a rich and valuable dataset that your customers are happy to provide.


The HAT makes prototyping and MVP-creation as easy as possible, by giving you a database framework that looks like a simple API. All you have to do is put together a frontend application that calls data from the APIs and you're ready to go.

Out-of-the-box authentication

The HAT solves user authentication and account provisioning out-of-the-box, letting you focus your development time on building a great application.


Remove as much of the cyber security risk your customers face as is humanly possible. Your users' personal information Ð no matter how sensitive Ð will be stored in private, containerised databases that are protected by the most sophisticated security and encryption protocols possible. What's more, the containerisation of these databases de-incentivises cyber attack, as each breach yields only one record's net return.


HAT PDMAs (Private Data Microservice Accounts) also feature data and metadata analysis tools that can be leveraged by app developers for some specialised tasks, like machine learning and personalisation.

Customer acquisition support

HAT-enabled applications benefit from a rapidly-growing pool of consumer Internet services customers. By growing your technology from within this ecosystem, you can leverage this community to create an early pool of new users, just by listing your application in MarketSquare (HAT's public app store) and creating Data Offers that showcase your application.

Top-tier engineering and developers

The HAT is built by some of the best technical developers and engineers in the world. Grow your world-changing consumer technology alongside them, by joining our internal developers' community; leverage them for advice and insight, and vet your technology against their expertise.

The HAT Ecosystem

The HAT Platform m is comprised of individual HAT users, HAT-enabled businesses and partners. The platform is made up of the HAT Community Foundation, a non-profit regulatory body, and HATDeX, a for-profit data exchange and provisioning service.