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HATs help the Internet exchange and trade personal data. They are 'private data accounts' that let you store your personal data for yourself within a database that is 'wrapped' with its own containerised microservices, so that you have full control, access and ownership of it. They give you the freedom and the power to own and exchange as much (or as little) of your own information as you want with the companies and the websites that you love. HATs are private and secure, and the personal property of their owner - and so is the data inside.

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What is your personal data?

Everything on the Internet that is personal to you is your data: words, photos, music, locations, financial transactions - everything. HATs protect, secure, and store it for you, all in one place.

Permission and consent

Modern, personalised web services often depend on sensitive user and customer information. Until now, businesses and websites have more or less been able to get as much of this information as they want, because we rarely (if ever) read user license agreements: we just press ok and move on. But we ought to be in control over how our information is gathered and used. HATs balance things out by storing customer information with the customer. Individuals gain control over what they want to share and with whom, and app builders and businesses can ask permission to gain access to a rich library of information that's centered around the thing that matters most: the customer.

Private Data Microservice Accounts (PDMAs)

Our 'containerised' databases have a complicated name: Private Data Microservice Accounts. The software in a HAT marries rich data sharing with privacy-preservation by using a containerised database (a 'database-in-a-box') that can both protect and transact with your valuable information. Reliable, secure barriers encapsulate your data, and services built inside those barriers help you to use it.

A video about the HAT

"There are digital bits of us everywhere on the Internet today. But we have no real control over where it is stored, or how it is used. But it does not have to be like that..."

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The HAT ecosystem

HAT technology makes up a whole ecosystem of companies, universities, users, and government departments. It's primary platform organizations are the HAT Community Foundation, a non-profit regulatory body, and HATDeX, a for-profit, privacy-preserving data exchange.

The HAT Community Foundation

The HAT Community Foundation (HCF) regulates the HAT ecosystem. It certifies all of the partners who want to build on HAT technology, and it runs HAT Innovation, a technology accelerator, alongside a loose consortium of partners called the HAT Foundation Group.

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HATDeX: trusted personal data exchange technology

Personal data is a valuable commodity that must be exchanged between individuals and businesses with trust and transparency.

HATDeX is the technology partner for the provisioning of HAT private data 'microserver' accounts (HAT PDMA) and the facilitation of on-demand, realtime personal data and content exchanges (DEX) on the HAT Platform. They are the technology partner for secure data exchange and provisioning between businesses and their customers that is fully GDPR-compliant.

Learn more about how you can benefit from privacy preservation and personal data opportunities in your customer relationships by visiting HATDeX online.

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HAT Innovation

The most innovative businesses in the world thrive on the trust and goodwill of their happy customers and rich information about who they are and what they do. HAT technology empowers Internet services to cultivate both in a direct customer relationship, and HAT Innovation is a program that supports new technologies that leverage its data-for-services contractual clarity, customer-centric control and authentication, and improved data services and resources.

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